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DeepMax Model MD5008 Plus Metal Detector

DeepMax Model MD5008 Plus Metal Detector

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!The best Depth Detector, reaching up to 4 meters deep*!

With the new MD-5008 Plus Detector you can find coins, gold, relics and treasures in different soil conditions with ease, its improved earth balance system will surprise you. With maximum precision in the depth search, thanks to its operating frequency of 6.99Khz you will be a professional with great results in the treasure hunt.

The MD-5008 Plus Detector is a maximum help to find the desired objects, whether treasures or relics at great depths, when we are close to a target the MD-5008 Plus will inform us through two particular sounds that we can easily identify. It has the ease of balance of land where we are working, the sensitivity and discrimination of it. When we change the terrain we can place all the controls at zero level to choose the best option in the searches in different terrain and soil conditions.

The MD-5008 Plus metal detector has a great ease of operation, managing to become an expert in handling the detector in an easy and intuitive way. Made of high strength ABS materials with a light weight and long service life, the DeepMax MD-5008 detector is the best option in your depth searches.


  • Resistant detector Made of high quality ABS
  • Ground Balance Capacity. allowing the best performance even in the most difficult conditions
  • Volume Control Knob It emits a fixed frequency tone while searching for the metal.
  • Indicator and Pointer. It shows the type of metal likely to be detected.
  • Discrimination Power. ignore objects you don't want to look for, thanks to this feature.
  • 2 search coils. Totally waterproof, increases the detection potential
  • Adjustable shaft. Allows you to adjust the length of the detector for comfortable use.
  • Easy operation and incredible performance.


  • Frequency6.99 KHz
  • 25cm waterproof Searchcoil (Discrimination Coil)
  • 33cm waterproof Searchcoil (Power Coil)
  • Frequency Signal: 437 Hz
  • Total Weight2.87 kg.
  • External Battery box: 8 AA (Batteries not incluided)
  • Headphones input (Headphones not incluided)

*Estimated detection depth reported by the manufacturer under stable conditions. The detection depth may vary depending on the size of the target, the depth at which it is buried, as well as the time it has been buried.
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