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Golden Mask

GoldenMask DeepHunter Pro3 SE Metal Detector

GoldenMask DeepHunter Pro3 SE Metal Detector

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!Maximum Detection Depth!

Golden Mask Deep Hunter Pro 3 SE is a special model of the Deep Hunter line, designed to have the maximum possible detection depth. It is based on the Pro3 model, but electronics were redesigned and manual ground balance was added with multi-turn knob for precise ground balance and maximum depth.

The detector has a switch to change it to a fully automatic ground balance, for ease of use. The REJECTION OF GARBAGE function to choose in which the detector will react: only large objectives or all the objectives, works only in the way of automatic balance of the ground. With this function, smaller targets are eliminated and the machine detects only large metal objects. The garbage rejection function is very useful in metal infested sites, where the search engine wants to search only large targets.

The Deep Hunter Pro 3 is designed to detect large and medium deep buried metal objects, 5 or more cm in diameter. It could also detect smaller targets, especially with smaller coils. Like all other models in the Deep Hunter range, the Deep Hunter Pro3 SE is a reliable machine for professional use with a discrimination function. The type of metallic objects is identified by two LED lights: red for non-ferrous metals and green for iron.


  • TRASH / GB: This is especially useful in fields full of garbage so that the device responds only to large objects on the ground and does not react to different nails, buttons and other findings that are undesirable.
  • SILENT SEARCH MODE: If the search place is full of small metal objects, then it is better to use this mode. It is good to work in very difficult terrain. The device will only point to large metallic objects and discriminate against them: a high tone signal will indicate a non-ferrous metal finding, and a low tone signal means that an iron finding is found.
  • STATIC SEARCH MODE: This is the main and most sensitive search mode. As soon as a metallic object is under the coil or frame, the device will begin to react by amplifying the object's signal (it will hear it). The sound will be the loudest and the signal will be louder then, as soon as the object is exactly in the center of the coil; In this case, a precise point for the device is not needed, in a static mode, the object is heard better.
  • BOOST MODE: This function is especially important, when pressed to the ON position, the device receives a 20% depth gain.
  • DIFFERENT COILS AND ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE: The DeepHunter Pro 3 SE has coils of larger and smaller dimensions that are sold separately to offer better precision or depth, as the case may be.


  • Technology: Pulse Induction
  • Operating Frequency: 675 Hz
  • Land Balance: Manual and Automatic Land Balance
  • Search mode: slow motion
  • Coil Type: Pulse Induction Coil
  • Weight: 2.2 Kg with 125 x 125 cm coil
  • Battery: 2600 mAh rechargeable battery
  • Operating autonomy with 1 load: 10 hrs
  • Headphones input: 6.3 mm - 1/4 "
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