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Hermes Geo Instruments Auto

Hermes Geo Instruments Auto

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The Hermes AUTO is a Pulse Induction (PI) metal detector, designed to be deep, but with the ease of use of automatic ground balance technology implemented in the equipment.

Able to detect deeply buried large metal objects, the Hermes AUTO features LED indication for the type of metal. It works under the "ground exclusion automatic balance" mode for very simple handling and operation and has a filter to significantly reduce interference caused by power lines.

This detector has remarkable stability, sensitivity and accuracy adjusting only the Sensitivity and Volume controls. This is a modern pulse induction detector stripped down to the max to become a "switch on and search" kit, suitable for those with little or no experience of working with similar equipment, or for professionals who You will appreciate the power of this machine, combined with the simple controls..


Technology Pulse Induction
Operating Frequency 675 Hz
Ground Balance Automatic
Search Mode Slow
Controls Volume, Sensitivity, Retune, Battery
Coil Type Pulse induction frame 125 x 125 cm
Weight 2 kg including frame coil
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