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Hermes Geo Instruments HD-2 Metal Detector

Hermes Geo Instruments HD-2 Metal Detector

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Powerful Pulse Induction Metal Detector!

The Hermes HD-2 detector is the only detector that incorporates a Metal Detector and a Magnetometer together in a single coil, which allows much deeper, more accurate detections and better discrimination.

With the Hermes Geo Instruments Metal Detector model HD-2 your searches will be deeper, easier and faster to help you find more Gold, Treasures and even Meteorites.

The Hermes Metal Detector model HD-2 has a unique technology (Digital Discriminator) that combines a Metal Detector with a Magnetometer that work together to achieve better results than any other detector known so far, achieving precise discrimination in ferrous metals and non-ferrous (precious metals)


  • Screen: LCD technology of excellent definition, clearly showing everything that happens on screen even in the most difficult conditions.
  • Graphics: Identify easily and accurately the location of metal objects
  • Sensitivity: Excellent performance in all types of terrain for deep searches
  • Equipment Handling: Its intuitive buttons and easy handling make the Hermes HD-2 pulse induction detector the best companion for your treasure hunts.
  • Ground Balance: The Hermes HD-2 has the option of manual or automatic ground balance selection with the push of a button
  • Lighting: The detector has a backlight to be able to visualize easily in low light conditions or even at night
  • Microprocessor: The fast speed of recovery and response makes the Hermes HD-2 a powerful and reliable detector.


  • High quality deluxe leather case
  • Coil frame 1m x 1m
  • Control Unit with rechargeable battery system
  • Charger
  • Carrying case for the detector
  • Operation manual
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