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Localizador de Tesoros Omnidirectional Modelo Spectra Gold Detector

Localizador de Tesoros Omnidirectional Modelo Spectra Gold Detector

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Spectra signal power for long distance location!

SPECTRA Long Range Locator transmits underground specific frequency signals for gold and various metals, in order to stimulate the target. The user will find and trace the target energy line using the receiver L rods.The frequency of SPECTRA gold detector is extremely accurate to 0,1 Ηz, this combined with the ground balance function eliminates false signals from minerals and unwanted metals.


  • Digital Frequency Synthesizer:Select your frequency mode to scan for gold, copper, bronze, iron, lead, aluminum, diamonds, water, void & other elements.The metal frequency is not locked, and can be fine adjusted by the user in steps of +/-1 Hz.
  • Digital Ground Balance: Measures the percentage of wetness – ground minerals, and automatically alters SPECTRA gold detector signal waveform to reject ghost targets.
  • Automatic Power On: SPECTRA long range locator has no power on key. SPECTRA senses the ground conditions through the ground probe, and powers on automatically only in good conductive spots, that absorb the signal.SPECTRA gold detector needs not any probes, cables, filters, external battery. This is a compact design easy to handle. Detects to all directions, with a signal that has a 360 degrees radius, the user is not limited to scan only in one direction.

Long range locators from competitors are simple frequency generators, with locked metal frequencies and not any ability to sense ground conditions. Those frequency generators are not specialized for ground usage, they might operate well in soil with average minerals, but do not penetrate on neutral grounds. Even worse in heavy mineralized soil will give false target signals. The DGB – Digital Ground Balancing feature, programmed in SPECTRA long range locator to assist the reliable target indication, and maintain maximum range and stable operation regardless of the ground type.


  • 16 bit processor 40 MIPS speed – 160 MHz clock
  • 32 bit DDS synthesizer chip for signal waveforms
  • Digital frequency synthesis x 20 PLL frequency generator with automatic 0.1 Hz frequency stabilizer
  • Modes to scan gold, silver, copper, bronze, lead, iron, aluminum, diamonds, water, void & free mode
  • Manual frequency selections at 1Hz increments
  • Dot Matrix LCD 64 x 128 resolution with 8 level backlight
  • 80 mA battery consumption / 180 mA at full backlight. Constant battery condition indication
  • “APO” – Automatic power on to conductive ground
  • “DGB” – Digital ground balance to cancel interference of ground minerals
  • Soil mineral content indication with scale 00 – 99 & icon
  • “SPECTRA track” – Variable waveform according to the ground type
  • “SPECTRA graph” – Real time waveform animation
  • On screen counter for signal inductance, alerts to start scanning when the energy field is strong enough
  • BNC ground probe and main unit in one piece – no cables – compact design
  • Unit rotates 360 degrees for easy viewing of screen
  • Tactile keys & sound indication
  • Signal receiver with target Weight Check Control, power amplifier & gold plated L rods
  • Receiver antennas do not suffer from oxidation due to human skin PH
  • Distance up to 1600 m. range / Depth 7 m.

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