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Gold Hunter

Pinpointer GP Pointer

Pinpointer GP Pointer

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The ideal companion for your treasure hunts!

The GP Pointer is an easy-to-use hand detector, manufactured with high resistance plastic, this pinpointer responds even in the most aggressive environments, thanks to its IP66 certification this Pinpointer supports humidity, dust, mud, the GP Pointer is unstoppable.

Combined 360 ° detection system at the tip, powerful audible alarm and vibration that will increase the intensity as you approach the object. Find even the smallest metallic object with great precision.

Do you usually carry out your searches for treasures, coins and jewels in dark places or even at night?, The pontente LED light helps you find and visualize those metallic objects in an easy way




  • Frequency of Operation: The GP Pointer works at a frequency of 12 Khz, which helps to locate all kinds of metal objects, be these jewels, coins, treasures and gold.
  • Made of ABS Plastic: Do not worry about using it under harsh conditions, the pinpointer is manufactured with a high-strength plastic which helps you worry about your searches and not fall or hit with any object.
  • Scraper blade included: This pinpointer has a blade on its side to remove excess soil and reach the precious object.
  • LED flashlight integrated. Maintain eye contact thanks to its powerful LED light included, even in dark or night conditions.
  • IP66 Certification: This pinpointer is capable of supporting, splashing water, dust, moisture and even mud, without any problem.
  • Easy Operation: Large non-slip button, just press and start your search without any problem.


1. Pinpointer GP Pointer Unit
2. Belt Holster
3. Security landyard
4. User Manual
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