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Quest Diamond Digger LS (Left Side Serrated Edge)

Quest Diamond Digger LS (Left Side Serrated Edge)

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Quest Diamond Digger Tool Left Side Serrated Edge with Sheath 

Quest Stainless Steel Diamond Digging Tool with Left Side Serrated edge when holding it.

This double-edged digger has a saw tooth edge on one side of the edge to cut through roots and a sharpened edge on the other to cut through tough grass and dirt.

The Diamond digging tool has a comfortable rubber grip handle with hand guard plate and strengthened edge, which won’t bend when digging. Upgraded rubber handle won’t rotate and is comfortable to hold.

Curved edge design for digging round circles. Will cut plugs in soil quickly.

The digger is 12″ overall and made out of Stainless Steel steel. Comes with a Cordura belt sheath.

  • 2x7" blade and 11.5" overall
  • Includes a handy belt holder(holster)
  • RS's serration on the right side of the blade
  • LS's serration on the left side of the blade
  • Tempered and sharpened by CNC
  • Strengthened blade rib, no more bending
  • Diamond pattern handle grip, no rotating
  • Stainless surface finishment
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