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Quest Q30

Quest Q30

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The Q30 is a great-looking, high-performance piece of equipment, boasting the latest in detection technology, whether you are starting to hunt for treasures and valuables or a detection expert, the Q30 is the perfect ally for those hunts.


6 preset search modes, Park, Field, Wet Sand, Salt Water, Gold 1, Gold 2, All Metal, with the Q30 you will be ready for any soil condition that comes your way, all at the touch of a button


Equipment fully submersible in water up to 5 meters deep, ideal for searching in salt or fresh water, receiving the greatest freedom of movement, so all you have to worry about is those valuable objects and not the detector.


The display is housed in a rubber frame and measures approximately 67mm x 60mm and has two levels of backlight. It is clear and bright, and the icons and text on the screen are easy to read and not too small.


Rechargeable lithium battery. 3000 mAh lithium battery offering a duration of 15 hours between charging and charging approximately. In addition to being fully compatible with portable batteries so that the adventure does not stop.

Frequency shift. change a little the frequency of your detector, managing to avoid interference with other equipment, team searching has never been so much fun.

Multi Tones. Recognize all types of metals in an easy and precise way thanks to its 5 included tones. Be more effective in your searches by digging less.


One of the improvements implemented is the 11 "X 9" TurboD RAPTOR X coil that is installed as standard on Q30 equipment. Offering great performance in hostile conditions such as difficult terrain or areas with obstacles. Avoiding false positives when rubbing the coil with an object or surface.

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