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Quest Scuba Tector Pro

Quest Scuba Tector Pro

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Designed for those who breakthrough the boundaries and redefine the underwater adventure, the Scuba Tector Pro is by far the most versatile and portable underwater metal detector we ever made. With a foldable and interchangeable coil, patented dual-hinge joint, extendable handle, larger battery capacity, and the powerful pulse induction system, the STP is the ultimate detector for beach or underwater.

Scuba tector pro

The Scuba Tector Pro has the ability to be submerged to a maximum depth of 60 m, either in fresh water or salt water, nothing will stop you on your adventure.


Smooth, easy-to-reach buttons that fit the left or right hand equally.


Find out how close you are to the target with its high-brightness 3-LED indicator on the front of the Scuba Tector Pro.


The Scuba Tector Pro has a speaker that allows you to hear the detected target in a loud and clear way, in addition to having a vibration in the case of carrying out your search in the water.


With the Scuba Tector Pro, you have all your beach and water searches covered. Fully unfold the equipment for underwater searches or if you prefer semi-fold for beach detection with the help of the extension kit.


Go on your treasure hunts with confidence, even in low light conditions, the Scuba Tector Pro features a powerful energy efficient LED light on its front. You will not miss anything with your STP.


Technology Pulse Induction
Operating Frecuency 95 kHz
Submersible Si,hasta 60 m
Ground Balance Automatic or Manual (Retune)
Alarm Audio / Vibration/ LED Lights
Sensitivity 4 Levels
Indicators Battery Status, Lost Alarm
Controles Button (On and Off), Alarm Modes, Sensitivity, LED Light.
Extension Shaft Yes
Coil 25 cm x 9 cm con moviemiento de 180°
Interchangeable coils Yes, other coils can be used (STP20 optional)
Dimensions 430 x 90 x 60 mm Extend 250 x 90 x 60 mm Fold
Weight 400 gr
Battery 1000 mAh LiPo
Duracion de Bateria 14 hrs approximatel, with full charge
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