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Quest X10 Pro Metal Detector

Quest X10 Pro Metal Detector

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The X10 Pro combines a modern design and resistance, with all the necessary features for the treasure hunter. This detector is equipped with the TurboD X Blade coil for better performance at greater depth in the ground and better performance in mineralized conditions.

Based on the CVX (Compact VLF) platform, the X-series detectors are designed for more intuitive Menu startup and stable performance. They can share coils with the Quest Q series such as the Raptor and larger coil.

  • USB TYPE-C: The USB Type-C audio connector allows easy charging of your detector, access is hidden under the protective cap, which prevents access of water when submerged.
  • GREAT DESIGN: The X series offer the best weight ratio design in the industry. Original T-style handle and shaft give you the best experience when detecting.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY: Get rid of expensive and unfriendly commercial batteries. We are the first to introduce the USB rechargeable battery in metal detectors. You can give your detector a refreshing charge with a wall charger or with an external battery or solar battery when you are outdoors.


NEW PROCESSOR:Thanks to the new processor built into the Quest X10, get faster recovery speed and better performance.

WATERPROOF: Now in its new version the X10 Pro equipment is totally submersible up to 3 meters, carry out your searches in the water without worries

LED LIGHT: The equipment has a rear LED light, helping for those night hunts or poorly lit places

LIGHTWEIGHT Weighing just 945g, you can easily detach and transport it and start your new adventure.


    Technology VLF
    Search Modes 4 Modes
    Ajuste de Sensibilidad/Profundidad 4 Levels
    Digital ID Yes
    Pinpointing Yes
    Frecuency 12 kHz
    Audio tone identification level 3 Tones
    Depth Indicator Yes
    Waterproof  3 meters
    Search Coil DD Proformance 9" x 5"
    Length (Adjustable) 55 cm to104 cm
    Weight 2.08 lb (947 g)
    Baterry Lithium 18 hrs of duration
    Battery Status Indicator Yes
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